PORTAL’D represents a living virtual world, also known as a metaverse. Metaverse is a new concept in which users can interact , Buy , Sell, Earn and play with one another in a virtual space. Portal’d allows users to earn PORTAL’D Token (PTD) hunt for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, create and explore, and launch their own online career. PORTAL’D is known to be a link between the digital and the physical worlds. In never-before-seen aspects, our next- generation technology will engage and connect gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and users. The trading platform employs smart contracts to safeguard buyers and sellers’ funds until the goods are received and finally verified. PID Trading Platform and PIDCOIN not only share the token, but they also integrate for the purchase and sale of real-world collectibles as well as virtual world NFTs.


System Of Dynamic Fees and Rewards

The PTD Coin smart contract can apply a custom fee on all transactions (buys/sells/transfer). Some parts of it could be automatically distributed to active players, landlords, and farmers in PID Metaverse or will be automatically added to the liquidity pool. That means the number of tokens in holders’ wallets could increase as They play, trade, and own tokens in the PTD Metaverse. Based on this setup, the liquidity pool will continuously increase as well, which leads to a higher price floor of PTD COIN. This way impermanent loss is avoided altogether, and in effect, holders get paid for just playing and interacting in the PID metaverse and can use PIDCOIN for the daily in-game business,