The utilization of blockchain adds other dimensions to the Metaverse saga:


Portal’d represents a living virtual world, or in other words, a metaverse. Metaverse is a new type of game concept where users can interact with each other in a virtual space, For Portal’d users, it means they can earn PTD, (ptd is the official currency for Portal’d) hunt for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, create and explore, and start their own online career.

The trading platform uses smart contracts to protect buyers and sellers holding their funds until the goods are received and finally verified. Both PTD Trading Platform and PTDCOIN shares not only the token, they also integrate for buying and selling of real-world collectibles as well as virtual world NFTs.

PTD Gaming is an online international marketplace for collectible gaming and sports cards, memorabilia which includes, but is not limited to, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering and more. On the platform, sellers are able to create a free account and list available items for sale reaching a global buyer’s audience. Using payments in cryptocurrencies including BUSD, BNB, or our native PTDCOIN, transactions take place quickly, safely, and easily between parties in different countries around the globe. In order to maintain safe and reliable trading, PTD Gaming will also be working over the next five months to implement a trusted middle-man network with the idea that buyers and sellers could hire graders and authenticators to ensure that the goods being traded areexoctly as advertised. Smart contracts keep money in a secured escrow account until the product is delivered.

PTD World is an online open world metoverge where players can earn PTD COIN, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create,explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just havefun. PTD DT ms! TINS to NFTs, making it more than just a price of art. now players can take their NFTs into the vartual gameword and play Everything a player owns in the. e meto CG vehicles, pets, trophies, and even ployer avatars. As part of theente PTD CIM MRM IRM alls card gametournaments at the PTD Stadium.


PTD is a metaverse project. A metaverse is an online virtual world where real people from all over the globe can log in at any time and get together for different purposes, such as entertainment, socializing, trading, and more. It is a virtual world where physical laws can be changed, and the impossible becomes possible but with real people, and therefore, real opportunities. PTD was initially built from the ground up with blockchain technology in mind. Everything o player owns exists in blockchain terms. As a very important part of this system, land plots of different sizes can be also bought and sold. Regional plots are customizable and players can create their own art galleries, buildings, theme parks, or something creative or inventive. Farming plots also introduce a unique opportunity for the project investors to earn PT The game world will be a living and breathing virtual world filled with real people and activities bringing the real world and the virtual metaverse world together, using the play-to-earn approach system. PTD has its own story which will progress as a player spends more time in the game.

There are Three types of land plots that can be purchased by users in PTD- regional, Village and farming plots. The regional plots are distributed between four main regions: North, East, Asia, and Forest. The village also offers you an amazing old tourism centre and other old natural things you can find, by hunting treasures to earn PTD. Farming plots also offer an opportunity to earn PTD, and once purchased, the region is selected randomly. By buying a new regional plot, a player secures their place in the metaverse. Every plot of land is titled with on NFT kept in the player’s own crypto wallet.



One of the main PTD uses among users is simply entertainment. Users can play the game, explore the game world, or unleagh their creativity in the virtual world.

PTD is limited to 100,000 public sale plots available across 4 regions. Each regions city, will have developer owned plots available for lease on fixed term periods for commercial use.

PTD Purposes for the community can be summed up as:

Another possible use among users could be creating their own businesses. This allows players to get creative with their ideas. Businesses will require o business license to operate and earn income from their plot

As a game concept, players can gather NFT collectibles, and therefore trade them inside or outside the game community. This includes a variety of different virtual ownerships, including one of the main components virtual land plots.

Players can be rewarded for spending time in the game by interacting in various ways and making progress in the form of PIDCOIN.

PTD is a community driven project. The purpose of PTD GLOBE is to bring players and communities together from around the world to one central platform. Players can exchange their experiences, find new friends and play together.

Due to the complexity and openness of PTD, there might be a varity of other applications funds and created by players over time.