PORTAL’D represents a living virtual world, also known as a metaverse. Metaverse is a new concept in which users can interact , Buy , Sell, Earn and play with one another in a virtual space. Portal’d allows users to earn PORTAL’D Token (PTD) hunt for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, create and explore, and launch their own online career. PORTAL’D is known to be a link between the digital and the physical worlds. In never-before-seen aspects, our next- generation technology will engage and connect gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and users. The trading platform employs smart contracts to safeguard buyers and sellers’ funds until the goods are received and finally verified. PID Trading Platform and PIDCOIN not only share the token, but they also integrate for the purchase and sale of real-world collectibles as well as virtual world NFTs.


Our initial objective is to use innovations in artificial intelligence to establish a connection between virtual reality and the digital age.


Our Vision is to take crypto adoption to the next level. We believe blockchain is the most important invention of our time, perhaps equal only to the worldwide web. And just like the Internet and blockchain have the potential to give humanity the means to make the world a better place.